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AS-IS Blemished Panels

  • $6400
  • Save $10

All of these blemished panels ("Blems") have a flaw - either a fabric flaw like a pull, stain, or tear; or a manufacturing flaw like hardware being moved leaving holes in the fabric.

The acoustical properties of Blems have not been compromised.  These panels are well suited for budget conscious consumers or locations where aesthetics are not a priority.

The amount of discount is dependent on the complexity of the flaw - minor flaws like dust on edges are generally $10 off and major flaws like visible stains will be $25-45 off.

Full descriptions of the blemish or flaw can be found on the Blem List.

To purchase, match the ID from the Blem List to the drop-down list on this product page and add to your cart.  Standard shipping rates will apply.

Blems will ship within 2-3 days of purchase, are final sale and may not be exchanged, returned, or refunded.



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